Recently, I watched the documentary Inside Lego (It's available on Netflix right now). It showed a picture of the CEO rendered in legos. I had a week of downtime between projects, and decided to see if I could write something that would enable anyone, using just their browser, to create a portrait. Source available here.

  1. Press this button to upload an image from your device. This is the image that will be Bricktified!

  2. Once you've selected an image, push this button to bricktify it.

  3. To expand or reduce the amount of bricks, you can change the vertical and horizontal sizing.

  4. If some of the colors look off, or are difficult to obtain, you can restrict which brick colors are used.

  5. We can automatically place a border around your image.

  6. After you've bricktified your image, a list is shown of all the bricks you will need, and possible vendors that have the bricks.

  7. Also, step by step instructions are listed to help you construct the portrait.